Shenzhen Globalegrow Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd (深圳市环球易购电子商务有限公司) was founded in 2007. On September 2014, we were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (002640:CH) following a merger with Shanxi Baiyuan Trousers Chain Management Co., Ltd (百圆裤业). On June 12, 2015 our name was changed to Global Top; our current market capitalization exceeds US$3 billion.

Our head office is located in the Nanshan district of Shenzhen, with a total headcount of over 3,000 professional staff across multiple office sites. Globalegrow owns several well-known global B2C websites that specialize in key market segments in apparel, branded consumer electronics, mobile devices, and more. Our geographic position in Shenzhen located in the Pearl River Delta gives us strategic access to major manufacturing and distribution hubs, allowing us to develop key overseas markets and stay ahead of customer trends.

Our Company acquires customers primarily online, serving them from cost-effective locations in mainland China. We have also established a thriving worldwide sales network that incorporates eBay, affiliates, social media, mobile apps, and other key growth channels. Globalegrow's continued business success is reflected by an exponential annual growth rate in excess of 100% since its creation.

Globalegrow invests significant resources into research, procurement and in-house product development to expand key product categories in line with our customers’ own requirements and needs.

On a broader scale, and driven by China's keystone national policy to support manufacturing, our strategy has ensured that cross-border e-commerce industry maintains rapid growth. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce forecasts cross-border e-commerce will be worth 6.5 trillion RMB (US$ 971bn) in 2016, accounting for 20 percent of the country's total foreign trade. According to the iResearch Consulting Group's forecast, these transactions will reach a compound average growth rate of 29.66% in the next 3 years.

Faced with such monumental growth opportunities, Globalegrow is perfectly positioned with its dynamic and talented staff creating value at each level for our valuable customers.

Join us, and create a brighter future together.

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How to get to our office?

Our full office address:

Building 3, Yongxinhui (Novel Park), 4078 Dongbin Road, Nan Shan District, Shenzhen


We are located in a brand new business park situated in Nanshan District (Dongbin Road) with easy access to large shopping complexes featuring leisure, restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment amenities. High grade residential areas nearby include Riviera 如蔚蓝海岸, Hai Yin Chang Cheng 海印长城, and Sea Garden 后海花园. We are also a short 20 minute drive from the renowned Shekou Sea World 蛇口海上世界.

Nearest Bus Stop:

Dongbinluzhong (东滨路中/Dongbin Road Middle) on Dongbinlu (东滨路).

The bus stop caters for the following buses:

• 22, 74, 79, 122, 229, 233

• B688, B702, B727

• M241, M242, M400, M418, M467 & M484.

When you disembark, please enter Novel Business Park (永新汇). We are at Building No.3 located at the back.

Shenzhen Metro:

Taoyuan station (桃园站/Peach Garden Station) on the Luobao Line/Metro Line 1 (罗宝线/一号线). Visitors should use station Exit C.

• Walk south to the nearby bus stop Shiliu Yiyuan Dong (市六医院东/City Hospital Six East).

• Take either bus no. 79 or M241. Travel to Dongbinluzhong bus stop (东滨路中/Dongbin Road Middle). This should be the sixth bus stop.

• Cross the road and enter Novel Business Park (永新汇). We are at Building No.3 located toward the back.

Tel:0755-22678359 E-mail:

From UK

I arrived in the bustling megacity of Shenzhen, China, back in 2008 as a UK expat. My goal was to experience firsthand the incredible drive and energy of modern China. Within the context of this transformative landscape, I sought opportunities and companies that could match this pace.

I first joined Globalegrow back in early 2012 as the Senior Project Manager and the company's sole foreign hire. My role spans a dozen websites with e-marketing as the main focus.This puts me in the center of a large hub of creative, talented individuals where collaboration and teamwork are essential, allowing me to generate innovative solutions to challenging problems. We excel at what we do because the firm is good at working together: in a sense, we are all partners.

No two days are ever the same because of the dynamic pace of the firm, continuous market development and working within a flexible environment that promotes knowledge sharing and integrity. The relentless drive, commitment and energy can be incredible.

I joined Globalegrow by chance, but most important, I chose to stay. As the longest serving expat in the company, Globalegrow offers ample opportunities to anyone who is seeking to actively establish a diverse career in China that match their talent and interest.

From France

I am with 6 years of working experience in China,and have been working with Globalegrow since 2014 as Consultant in Customer Service. My job is to help our dedicated customer service team to deliver a excellent service to valued customers.Customer Service training and online sales& marketing are my passions.

I am lucky to have a job that combines the three of them . I also love working for Globalegrow because people are dedicated about their jobs, positive, friendly and always ready to improve. Being surrounded by this positive atmosphere allows me to work with confidence and motivation. As our market is expanding, we can learn new things everyday. We also have senior managers from whom we can learn too and expand our perspective. Globalegrow has a bright future and I am happy to be part of it.

Rejoignez-nous à Globalegrow!

From Russia

I have to live in Shenzhen since 2008, and already have working experience on few Chinese companies. And work on Globalegrow since March 2015 on Russian marketing department.

I like this company because it has great potential for development, you have a lot of opportunities for professional growth. Company flexibly and quickly responds to any changes, dynamically changes. Company supports your ideas and does not limit, when they see that all this helps to achieve goals.

I'm really like this place and happy to be a team member, these company has great perspective

From Portugal

I came to this company in February, 2015 to work on the Portuguese Marketing department. I live in Shenzhen for over 3 years and this is the biggest challenge so far, because of the huge potential the company has. I was greeted in an excellent way and I was dazzled by the great teamwork and working environment. I think it's the perfect place for those who wish to evolve, learn and to use their capabilities.

Dou as boas vindas a todos os que procuram um bom desafio num excelente ambiente em que o trabalho de equipa é fundamental. Bem vindos à Globalegrow!

Join us,and create a brighter future together.